Dive Conditions

Fiji is a year-around destination with excellent diving in all months of the year. Tropical rains can happen any time of the year but generally more rain falls in January and February. Fiji’s winter season is from May to October and you can expect water temperatures between 23 – 26° Celsius (75 – 80° Fahrenheit). Summer season from November to April is hotter and more humid with water temperatures between 26 – 29° Celsius (80 – 85° Fahrenheit). To protect yourself from coral scrapes and keep you warm, plan to use a 5mm wetsuit during winter months from May to October and a 3mm suit during summer months from November to April. Summer’s warm waters from January to March facilitate plankton blooms which can decrease visibility but also bring more critters to feed on the reefs. Tradewinds blow most of the year, usually picking up by midday and dropping off by sunset. If you want to shy away from the heaviest currents, schedule your diving to avoid full and new moon times. However if you are comfortable diving with a current you will see the reef in full magnificence. Underwater visibility is mostly between 30 – 45 meters (100 – 140 feet).

Certified divers will need to pack your diver certification card and dive log book; Fiji’s dive operations will require proof of certification to dive. Dive operators will provide tanks and weights and many offer a full range of dive gear including regulator, BCD, mask/snorkel, fins and wetsuits. Most operations do not rent cameras or dive computers. It is recommended that minimally you bring your own mask and snorkel. Having a mask that fits correctly is essential for an enjoyable dive. Experienced divers will normally bring their own regulator, BCD, dive computer, and flashlight (for night diving). It is wise to bring safety devices such as a compass and a surface signaling device such as a tube and strobe. If you enjoy taking underwater photographs or video, you should definitely bring your camera – it’s hard to take bad photos or video with all the vibrant colors and myriad of underwater life at Fijian reefs!